The transformation in fortunes of Domino's, the pizza chain, featuring an apology from senior executives and a pledge to improve, was the most read case study among Warc's North American clients in 2011.

Other cases proving popular over the previous 12 months included campaigns for Snickers, the Mars-owned chocolate brand, Kraft's Philadelphia cream cheese, P&G's Old Spice toiletries range and Stella Artois, the beer.

Domino's Pizza Turnaround – winner of the Grand Ogilvy at the ARF Ogilvy Awards for Strategic Excellence - describes how the fast-food chain revived its ailing reputation by publicly apologising to customers for a decline in the quality of its food and investing in better-tasting products.

This display of openness and humility led to same-store sales increases of 14.3% as well as a strong improvement in overall sentiment towards the brand.

The You're Not You When You're Hungry campaign for Snickers leveraged a universal insight about its male target audience and applied it across key global markets.

In the first three months in the US alone, total volume sales of Snickers grew by 8.0% and single-bar sales expanded by 13.4%, more than double the campaign's initial objectives on both fronts.

Kraft's solution to boosting volume sales of its market-leading Philadelphia cream cheese led it to explore new possible uses for the product in an otherwise saturated spreads market.

Real Women of Philadelphia encouraged the introduction of "Philly" into a range of different recipes, yielding 5% sales growth in the process.

P&G's The man your man could smell like campaign for Old Spice brand has picked up a range of honours, including a Lion at the inaugural Cannes Creative Effectiveness Awards.

This ground-breaking creative work became a cultural phenomenon, driving sales of the brand up by 60% within three months and doubling sales in the longer term.

Stella Artois 5%: Let's talk about relationships describes the beer brand's global repositioning underpinned by a creative focus on relationships.

This approach softened the brand's image in existing markets and also provided a flexible platform for its successful launch into new markets, including the US.

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Data sourced from Warc