ITV Digital, the digital television service jointly owned by Granada Media and Carlton Communications, is not the subject of discussions with cable rival NTL, insist the companies.

Currently branded ONdigital and soon to be relaunched as ITV Digital, the cash-haemorrhaging digital network was named in press speculation late last week as the subject for talks between ITV’s dominant duo and NTL. The latter, it was rumoured, had offered to buy the equal stakes in ITV Digital held by Granada and Carlton in return for a ten per cent holding in an enlarged group.

“No such offer has been received,” insisted Carlton on Sunday. Its denial was promptly echoed by NTL chief executive Barclay Knapp: “NTL had made no offer to acquire ITV Digital. ITV Digital's discussions with virtually everyone in the industry have been well documented as they have looked for ways to improve their situation.”

News source: Financial Times