Walt Disney Company is launching a digital radio station targeting Britain’s children in association with Capital Radio.

Launching Thursday, Capital Disney will offer a kid-friendly mix of music, competitions and shows devoted to entertainment, sport, news and technology.

However, unlike Disney’s UK television channel, the radio station will run advertising – not least on its dedicated website, which will promote toys and supply links to sites where they can be bought.

Disney hopes to cash in on ‘pester power’. Britain’s children receive a total of £1 billion ($1.6bn; €1.6bn) a year in pocket money, while their parents spend £4bn on non-essential items for them.

The station is available on Capital’s Cube digital radio stations in five areas across the country, including London, the west Midlands and the north-east. Such a spread gives Capital Disney a potential audience of 25 million, though currently there are a mere 70,000 digital sets in use across the country.

Data sourced from: MediaGuardian.co.uk; additional content by WARC staff