Saccharine sentimentality, a Disney trademark (save for bottom-line matters) since the death of Mommy Bambi forty years ago, is alive and well and living on a website somewhere in the region of downtown Los Angeles.

The declared aim of the site -- -- is to "restore the magic and the wonder to the Walt Disney Company". Or in less dewy-eyed prose, reinstate the flow of dollars into the pockets of the Disney clan and other major shareholders by ousting current chief executive Michael Eisner.

The site's promoters are Roy E Disney, nephew of founder Walt, and his financial advisor Stanley Gold, both former directors of the company who quit the board earlier this month in a blaze of orchestrated PR protest [WAMN: 03-Dec-03]. declares itself to be a "central information location as we begin to restore Disney to its position as the pre-eminent entertainment company in the world."

Although long on noble aims, the site is short on more down-to-earth detail. Disney and Gold's main case currently consists of publishing their letters of resignation, photographs of themselves, email addresses for comment and links to an assortment of Disney-related vacation and fan-based websites, including and

Commented the New York Times with a welcome tang of Big Apple acidity: "The website is a little homespun, even for a grass-roots shareholder revolt. It is also thin on the kind of facts about the stock's performance and Mr. Eisner's 19-year leadership that shareholders or other interested parties might want to know before joining the effort. It offers no alternatives to the current management."

Ripostes a spokesman for Disney and Gold: "[The site is] a work in progress. We're still in the process of looking for the right person to come aboard and manage it."

Data sourced from: New York Times; additional content by WARC staff