Roy E Disney and Stanley Gold, rebel shareholders and former board director of the wan Walt Disney Company, this week published details of the voting numbers at the company's annual meeting on March 3.

As the world learned within hours of the meeting, chairman/ceo Michael Eisner survived a 43% no-confidence vote, later that week stepping down as chairman in deference to shareholder pressure. He remains firmly rooted in the ceo's seat, however.

Disney and Gold, leaders of the anti-Eisner faction, have now revealed that current and former employees of the company voted nearly three-quarters of their shares, 72 percent, against Eisner's reelection.

Chorused the dissident duo: "It is hard to imagine how Mr Eisner can do what needs to be done at this company without the support of the company's employees."

But the release of this information, retorted the Eisner camp, was "another blatant distortion and manipulation of data in an attempt to continue to mislead Disney shareholders."

In 1893 boxers Danny Needham and Pat Kerrigan fought a draw over 110 rounds - the world's longest match. The long-running Roy Disney versus Eisner fracas could see that record broken.

Data sourced from: Financial Times; additional content by WARC staff