NDS Group, the News Corporation-controlled software firm defending itself from allegations it colluded with internet pirates to undermine a rival, faces fresh legal action, this time from US satellite-TV giant DirecTV.

In a suit filed at a US district court in Los Angeles, UK-based NDS is accused of fraud, breach of contract, breach of warranty and misappropriating trade secrets. DirecTV, which Rupert Murdoch tried and failed to buy last year, is demanding damages, software it believes it is owed and an injunction to prevent the firm breaking its agreement again.

“We filed the complaint because NDS breached our contract and defrauded us,” declared DirecTV spokesman Bob Marsocci. “We have a very strong case and will present that in court.”

Earlier this year, Canal Plus Technologies accused NDS of cracking the security codes of its smart cards (devices that allow reception of pay-TV transmissions) and passing them to online pirates, prompting a flood of counterfeit cards in the UK, Italy and France [WAMN: 12-Mar-02].

Data sourced from: MediaGuardian.co.uk; additional content by WARC staff