NEW YORK: Brands could yield major benefits from targeting "multi-screen moms" in the US, according to a study.

Microsoft Advertising and agency Wunderman surveyed 210 mothers who have proved to be early adopters of the latest technologies.

"Multi-screen moms are increasingly using multiple devices for all tasks and activities," the report said.

"Individual activities, from social networking to playing games and watching news highlights, are no longer restricted to a single screen.

"This trend can be called 'device convergence,' and among multi-screen consumers, moms lead convergence."

Overall, 93% of respondents agreed they learned about goods and services when browsing the web via a PC, and 36% supported such a statement concerning smartphones.

Similarly, 84% spread word of mouth through the traditional internet, and 78% passed along information by using a gadget like Apple's iPhone.

"Multi-screen moms are starting and completing the purchase decision process at various digital touchpoints: every screen is a vehicle for awareness, consideration, and purchase," the white paper continued.

Elsewhere, 53% of interviewees believed TV spots were more "meaningful" and "relevant" than other forms of advertising.

A further 35% afforded online ads the equivalent status, while smartphones and games consoles both registered 23%.

But just 38% of panellists regarded the television as being "engaging", and this medium was frequently described as "lazy".

By contrast, computers mix productivity and entertainment, smartphones are "smart and sophisticated", and consoles are "fun".

When assessing the availability of content across devices, 68% of participants suggested it was easy to view material in different ways, and 70% reported their experiences were typically "very consistent".

Another 72% said combining these channels offered a more "coherent" experience.

Meanwhile, 77% asserted that the ability to access content from several routes increased its usefulness, 74% thought it aided relevance, and 67% argued it enhanced their opinion of the media owner involved.

Finally, 80% of contributors desired a "significant improvement" in the delivery of media and advertising across devices, the same number as those positing that this would heighten their connection with brands.

"Moms have high expectations for marketers and their messages today and in the future," the Microsoft Advertising/Wunderman analysis added.

"To improve moms' perceptions of your brand, give them information they can use - wherever they are, however they engage."

Data sourced from Microsoft Advertising; additional content by Warc staff