BERLIN: Consumers in Germany are engaging in an increasingly diverse range of activities using digital media - from downloading mobile apps to streaming live TV broadcast content on the web.

The ARD and ZDF polled 1,800 people aged over 14 years old, and reported online penetration has now reached 73.3%, up from 69.4% last year, mainly due to rising interest among older respondents.

Overall, the typical web user was found to go online for 80 minutes a week, a climb of three minutes from last year, and 34 minutes from 2005.

Figures rose to 147 minutes for 14-29 year olds, measured against 100 minutes for 30-49 year olds and only 34 minutes for their counterparts of 50 years old or above.

Some 68% of the web audience played back video, increasing from 52% last year, with 29% enjoying broadcast content online, and 21% watching such material live at least "occasionally".

Totals stood at 43% and 39% annually for social networks, although just 3% of contributors were members of Twitter, the same as in 2010.

In terms of the pastimes undertaken on a weekly basis, 83% of internet users entered enquiries on search engines, 80% sent and received emails, and 47% simply browsed the net.

A further 43% attempted to track down offers, 32% used home banking services, 36% accessed communities and social networks, 25% logged on to instant platforms, and 21% used discussion forums.

More niche activities included watching video-on-demand TV content with 12%, while 9% streamed broadcast programming live in the same way each week.

Elsewhere, 20% of consumers now go online through a mobile phone, improving from 13% in 2010, and 17% of German shoppers currently use apps on smartphones and tablets.

Data sourced from ECC Handel; additional content by Warc staff