PARIS: Social networking, ecommerce and mobile apps are all gaining popularity in France, a study by research firm Médiamétrie has found.

The company estimated 38.8m people surfed the net in the final month of last year, a 10% improvement annually, and a figure incorporating 24m that did so daily, and 5.4m logging on hourly or with even greater frequency.

Over 75% of netizens visited a blog or social network during December 2010, including 32.1m on at least a monthly basis, and 11.7m who engaged in this pastime a minimum of once a day.

Elsewhere, two-thirds of the panel reported sharing their views about goods and services using the web, such as by adding comments to forums or posting feedback on an ecommerce platform.

The amount of consumers buying products through the internet climbed by 3.3m, reaching 27.7m overall, suggesting online buzz may play an increasingly important part in the future.

Turning to video, 24.5m viewers watched professional or user-generated material via the web, with a rising number also utilising wireless handsets for the same purpose.

Some 7.8m individuals had leveraged mobile media, like sending and receiving email, listening to the radio, instant messaging and streaming television content.

Around half of the country's 10m smartphone audience have downloaded one or more applications, a trend expected to gain further ground.

Data sourced from Médiamétrie; additional content by Warc staff