NEW YORK: More and more people are looking to digital devices as their primary news source, the mobile ad network Mojiva has found.

According to its new survey, 56% of smartphone and tablet owners in the US turn first to their portable digital device rather than the TV.

Laptops are the most popular choice for both sets of users, the study reported, with 32% of smartphone owners and 30% of tablet owners opting for laptops ahead of the 29% in both groups who go for the TV.

Among smartphone owners, fully 19% prefer to utilise this device when accessing news, compared to just 5% who select a tablet.

The situation is reversed for tablet owners, with 17% of these consumers deciding to use their devices as the primary news source, while roughly half as many, 9%, prefer to use a smartphone.

"People ... are instead morphing into 'multi-platform' consumers for different news 'experiences'," said Amy Vale, VP, Global Research and Strategic Communications of Mojiva.

"Reading the news in print, or even online, is a much more immersive experience given the nature of the screen size," she added, "whereas reading news on a mobile device gives consumers up-to-the-minute information on breaking news the second it becomes available, wherever they may be."

Of the remaining channels, desktop computers are popular with 10% of smartphone and tablet owners, radio garners 2%, while newspapers and word-of-mouth are equal with just 1% using them.

Mojiva's research further indicates that this trend is not restricted to the US: the UK has the highest percentage of frequent mobile news users, at 46.8%, and of the major EU countries it has the highest smartphone-based news consumption.

Data sourced from eMarketer and Mojiva; additional content by Warc staff