Media and telecoms supra-regulator Ofcom, set up by the UK government in January 2004, on Wednesday published a corrected version of its second quarterly review of the UK media and telecoms markets.

Key data arising from the report are ...

    Total listening is constant year-on-year at 1.1 million hours in Q3.

  • Local commercial radio now has its lowest share of listening since 1999 whereas BBC network radio has its highest.

  • 192 applications were received for the new community radio licences.

  • Scotland has the lowest average listening of the nations and regions while the South West has the highest.

  • UK residential fixed telecoms prices fell 7% in the year to September.

  • Mobile retail revenues were up 14% year-on-year largely as a result of volume growth.

  • Total retail revenues from telecoms services were up 4% in the year to September 2004.

  • Provisional estimates suggest the number of broadband connections passed six million at the end of 2004; there are now more broadband connections than unmetered dial-up.

  • Broadband users are more than twice as likely to download music and videos as dial-up users.


  • Almost 56% of households had digital TV as at the end of September 2004.

  • Freeview added a net figure of 430,000 households in Q3; pay TV added 89,000.

  • Digital channels accounted for 28% of all viewing in September 2004.

  • More than half of all viewers watch at least 15 minutes of digital channels in an average week.

    BSkyB viewers watch more than 12 hours per week of digital channels on average.
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Data sourced from Ofcom (UK); additional content by WARC staff