DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) radio in the UK continues its rise and rise in the listening popularity stakes.

Latest figures from RAJAR (Radio Audience Joint Audience Research) indicate that total listening via DAB radio jumped 165% this year.

For 2005 to date, reports RAJAR, 10.5% of the total radio listening audience tuned-in via digital means. Of the entire UK radio universe, 5.5% do so via digital radios, 2.9% use digital TV for listening and 1.8% access by way of the internet - the same as in 2004.

In 2004, the people tuning into radio via traditional AM/FM receivers accounted for 81.8% of the total listening hours. In 2005, this figure fell to 74.8%, against rises for all the digital formats.

In addition, the number of radio listeners who say they own a DAB receiver or listen to the radio via digital television or the internet has increased by 4.7 million, or 25%, when compared with a RAJAR survey undertaken a year ago.

Says Ian Dickens, ceo of the Digital Radio Development Bureau: "Consumers are delighting in the new, unique content available on DAB stations, both commercial and BBC, and this is translating into rapidly growing listener figures."

Data sourced from mad.co.uk; additional content by WARC staff