NEW DELHI: A majority of India's digital population follows brands online, according to a new study from Ipsos, the market research firm.

The Business Standard reports that the Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange study, Take a Look Behind You, claims that some 71% of Indians follow and view brand activity online.

Among younger age groups, that figure is likely to be even higher, with 82% of under-35's saying they follow brands online.

Older age groups are also well represented, despite the common perception that they are less active online. The study reported that 48% of the over-50s in India followed brands online.

Ipsos advised brands seeking to promote themselves online to keep content on their brand site and social network current and informative. Making content engaging, and adding some humour also helps foster brand connections, it suggested.

Boston Consulting Group also recommended brands to enhance their online presence in India, where the number of internet users is expected to almost triple in the next three years.

Warc has previously reported on the growth of ecommerce in India, with 8m Indian consumers shopping online in 2012, and the spread of smartphones beyond the main urban centres.

The value of the ecommerce market is predicted to treble in the next three years and could reach $30bn.  

Data sourced from Business Standard/Warc; additional content by Warc staff