A week after an ad for Eastman Kodak was unveiled on the side of the International Space Station [WAMN: 16-Oct-01], the industry’s journey into the final frontier has taken a further small step, with the news that Dentsu is to film a TV commercial in space.

The ad, for Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s PocariSweat ‘ion-balance’ drink, is the first time an agency from Japan has taken to space to film. It will use the ISS and its Japanese on-board experiment module Kibo.

Slated for October 26 and 27, the shoot will be the first in space to use a high-definition TV camera alongside remote direction. Two Russian cosmonauts, armed with a plentiful supply of PocariSweat, will serve as actor and cameraman.

The ad is part of a broader experiment to test the commercial applications of the ISS. The tapes will be reviewed by the Russian Space Agency and Japan’s National Space Development Agency before being handed to Dentsu in November, with the ad due to break in January.

News source: AdAge Global