TOKYO: Dentsu, the planet's fifth largest marketing services conglomerate, has finally admitted a Gaikokujin ['outside person'] to its inner management sanctum.

The anointed one is American national Tim Andree, named this week as 'executive officer' responsible for the firm's US operations.

Andree will make his introductory obeisance in his new role late next month. The appointment is significant, not only because he is the first non-Japanese to be accorded 'executive officer' status, but also because it admits him to the uppermost echelons of the century-old agency group. 
Andree will also continue to serve as ceo of Dentsu America which under his captaincy has become one of the fastest-growing of the top 200 US ad agencies, more than doubling 2007 revenues and advancing to the 57th ranking. 

But the new appointment coincides with miserable full-year results for Dentsu's overall operations, hit by an 11% plunge in operating income to $540.3 million (€348.38m; £277.5m).

It attributes the downturn primarily to the impact of diminished ad spending by clients in the second half of 2007.

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