Denmark’s National Consumer Council, a government funded body, is pressing the Danish parliament to emulate Scandinavian neighbour Sweden in banning TV advertising for sugar-surfeited breakfast cereals and high-calorie junk food such as McDonald’s Happy Meals.

Sweden already bans all TV advertising targeting children under the age of twelve.

In an effort to resist the Danish moves, manufacturers and vendors of kids’ provender are playing the ‘Nanny-State’ card, insisting that “consumers and particularly parents … don’t need the state to tell them the benefits of a varied diet”.

Argues Christian Linde, Quaker Oats’ Danish marketing director: “We sell just as much porridge as our sugar-rich breakfast cereals. Our research shows that Frosties and Sugar Puffs are often served as a special treat at weekends or holidays because, to be quite honest, what kid wants to eat porridge every day?”

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