Denmark hopes to push through a range of measures to help it become the centre of marketing services agencies’ Scandinavian operations.

The Danish government has asked the Ministry of Finance to investigate whether financial and tax incentives could be offered to native and international ad groups to encourage them to set up a pan-Nordic hub in the country.

It is promoting Copenhagen and the ‘Oresund Valley’ – the area around the Oresund Bridge linking Denmark to Sweden – as an ideal home for centres of Scandinavian activity.

“The key ingredient to our mission,” declared a government official, “is to see how much interest there would be among international ad agencies to the idea of operating out of Copenhagen, centralising the bulk of their Scandinavian operations here, and launching pan-Nordic campaigns from here.”

There is already a precedent for such centralisation. Denmark has successfully built a regional hub for the pharmaceutical industry in the same area by offering training grants, tax breaks and financial help with purchasing equipment.

Moreover, Optimum Media Direction has already centralised Nordic and Baltic operations in Copenhagen, and Millward Brown is following suit.

However, any incentives scheme would be subject to regulatory approval at national and European Union level.

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