NEW YORK: The Democrat-controlled US Congress is likely to apply increased pressure on the nation's New York-centric advertising industry to encourage the promotion of more ethnic minority staff and increased use of minority-owned suppliers.

The vexed issue of diversity hiring was conspicuously aired last year when the New York Human Rights Commission shamed some of the city's biggest agencies into setting numbers for the recruitment of black managers [WARC News: 11-Sept-06].

New York Democrat Senator Charles Schumer, speaking this week at a meeting in the city, has called on ad agencies to further improve their records: "We're saying to the ad industry, 'we're waiting for you'."

The gathering, hosted by the Wall Street Project Economic Summit, a venture of the Reverend Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push Coalition, was told leadership of the ad industry contrasts sharply with financial services, media and entertainment, where African-Americans are highly visible in management suites.

Jackson also called on ad agencies to "to end their long-standing, multibillion-dollar trade imbalance with minority vendors, consumers and employees".

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