NetValue’s monthly AdWatch report for October places Dell Computer firmly atop the heap as Britain's largest online advertiser.

Over six million Brits were exposed to Dell’s online ads, according to the study. Its campaign reached 41.6% of UK home internet users, ahead of (38.9%), (38.7%), (33.7%) and (24.8%).

There was also a sustained rise in UK visitors to online auction sites, with 2.5 million surfers accessing them during October – 41% growth over the six-month period from May 2001, when 1.7 million people visited auction sites.

Unique visitors to grew by over 640,000 in the same period: from 800,000 in May to 1,450,000 in October, and by 200,000 since September. The surge was probably powered by Ebay’s widespread online promotion, which reached over 4.3 million web wanderers in October.

News source: Daily Research News Online