Judge Miriam Cedarbaum, presiding over the case of convicted media lifestyle guru Martha Stewart, has accepted Stewart's request for a pause in proceedings, delaying her sentencing from June 17 until July 8.

Stewart was found guilty in March of obstructing justice and lying to the US government about her sale of shares in ImClone Systems.

Since then, a government witness for the prosecution, forensic scientist Larry Stewart (no relation), has been charged with perjury for testifying that he analysed ink used to record brokerage transactions. The government now claims he was not involved in the investigation.

Martha Stewart's attorneys, Robert Morvillo and John Tigue, describe the trial as "fatally flawed and unfair" and hope the delay will enable the court to weigh up the merits of retrial.

Data sourced from: CBS.MarketWatch.com; additional content by WARC staff