Just forty-eight years on from the launch of commercial television in the UK, the nation's fast-moving industry is reportedly on the verge of launching a dedicated marketing body.

According to Media Week, all that stands between the nascent lobbyist and its glittering launch is the little matter of choosing a name for the christening -- plus a few legal niceties.

The latter centre around the necessary reassurances to regulators (such as the Office of Fair Trading) that the bouncing babe will not act as a cartel.

Since no-one in authority is willing to make a statement about the state of play, a waiting world has no option but to settle for a few heavy hints.

Says one TV boss close to negotiations: "Things are pretty much ready to go short of the finer legal points. We can't be seen to operate as a cartel of broadcasters, which is the only sticking point remaining."

The body – just for now let's call it the General Association of Broadcasters (GAB) – will be funded by all Britain's major commercial TV companies. Research is expected to figure largely in its activities, with a key brief to demonstrate the effectiveness of the medium to advertisers and agencies.

And, of course, there will be the usual annual conference to spin a few pounds sterling and offer a platform to industry notables.

Data sourced from Media Week (UK); additional content by WARC staff