SINGAPORE: Online grocery brand Redmart has revamped its strategy following data insights that revealed a new type of Singaporean shopper.

Todd Kurie, VP/Marketing at Redmart, told Warc the biggest hurdle Redmart faced was not necessarily competitors in the sector, but Singapore's fast changing consumer behaviours: intent level for online shopping has gone from about 20% to over 70% in the course of just two years. 

Customer insights from across the path to purchase also revealed that a new class of consumers had emerged: multi-device shoppers, of which there are a significantly greater number in Singapore compared to other countries in South East Asia.

Redmart reported that the shopping behaviour of Singaporeans differed significantly on mobile: multi-device users often added products from their smartphone while they were out, then checked out at a later stage. (For more, read Warc's exclusive report: How data insights changed Redmart's mobile e-commerce strategy.)

"We found out that a lot of mobile adds to cart were when customers were commuting – sitting on the MRT in Singapore and ordering diapers on Redmart, then checking out later," said Kurie.

Today, about 50% of all Redmart transactions today are being conducted via mobile devices, with about 60% of orders going through a mobile device during the path to purchase.

For Redmart, the findings underlined that a one-size-fits-all approach to its shopping experience simply would not work.

"A lot of e-commerce companies feel that there's two different type of customers: there's a mobile customer and you build your mobile app for that, and a web customer and you design your website for that," said Kurie.

"But clearly that's not the truth. There's just 'a customer' and the customer will use what they want, how they want."

Data sourced from Warc