DaimlerChrysler on Tuesday launches a $90 million (E98m) global brand-building campaign designed to bolster its corporate image, following falls in sales and an expensive restructuring of its unprofitable Chrysler US division.

Designed to appeal to investors more than customers, the TV and print push will break in Germany first, before launching across the rest of Europe, North America and Asia. It intends to show that the auto giant is more than just a diverse collection of vehicle marques.

“We have very strong individual brands, but we also have a corporate brand and a corporate strategy, which we want to market as a whole,” commented Christoph Walther, head of DaimlerChrysler Communications. “Now is the right time to do it because we’ve gone through restructuring and the strategy is in place.”

The campaign, created by Springer & Jacoby, is part of a continuing drive by DaimlerChrysler to reassure investors of the company’s long-term stability in the midst of the economic slowdown. Said Crispin Reed, managing director at the ad agency’s London office: “In a recession, companies that are bold and continue to advertise communicate an even stronger message.”

News source: Wall Street Journal