NEW YORK: The number of US households with DVRs rose to 28.9% in Q4 2008, up from 21.3% in the same quarter of the previous year, while 8.7% of homes now have more than one digital video recorder, according to a study by Nielsen.

Recent figures from Nielsen have shown that DVR use is heaviest among busy 25–44 year olds and heavy TV viewers aged over 45 in the US.

The company's latest study reports the number of American homes with broadcast-only TV sets fell to 10.9% in Q4 2008, while the number with cable or satellite services rose by 0.6% to 89.1%, a change attributed to the up-coming digital changeover.

Almost a quarter of households in the country owned three TVs, while a fifth of homes contained four or more television sets.

Nielsen's other findings include the fact that the number of homes capable of receiving HDTV rose from 12.9% in Q4 2007 to 23.4% in the same quarter last year.

Video game console ownership also rose by 1.2% to 29.0%, while the number of people with internet access increased from 70.9% to 73.8%.

Nielsen recently reported average TV viewing time had reached a record level.

Its Home Technology Survey also reveals the number of people buying Plasma TVs (+7%), DVRs (+5%), LCD TVs (+10%) and HDTV (+13%) rose in Q4 2008 compared with the previous three months.

Data sourced from Nielsen; additional content by WARC staff