SANTA MONICA: Less than half of American DVR users fast-forward ads when watching recorded programs, while digital playback also increases ratings by some 16% during the week after a show's original transmission, according to figures from the Palisades Media Group.

A study by the media agency into DVR use also found that 54.7% of viewers played-back programs the same day they were recorded, a figure that rose to 74.9% the day after transmission.

Of the top ten programs recorded during primetime, CBS's Survivor: China had the highest proportion of same day playback (around 58%), with CW's Reaper the lowest (just 27%, though it also had the highest next-day playback figure, at 34%).

The survey of some 8,000 TV viewers was conducted by Palisades in conjunction with NPower - a unit of The Nielsen Company.

Said Palisades svp-director of research and insights Susie Thomas: "Of course there are fluctuations when looking at the data program-by-program, but overall DVR usage is not dramatically cutting into live viewing."

"The impact is not at a critical mass yet. While as many as 55% are playing the program back the same day, only 20% have a DVR in the first place."

"While this is a good-sized increase, the impact on viewership remains minor."

Data sourced from AdWeek (USA); additional content by WARC staff