The New Millennium Experience Company, organiser of London's Millennium Dome, has charged its ad agency M&C Saatchi [not Saatchi & Saatchi as stated in the source publication] with the resuscitation of Britain's millennial showpiece flop.

Following the recent controversial £29 million bail-out by The Millennium Commission, the Dome will spend £3m on a campaign to counter the negative public perceptions fostered by a gleeful national press.

According to an insider, the Saatchis have been told to jettison their One Amazing Day slogan that adorned the Dome’s sententious launch campaign of a millennial dawn rising across the globe. Instead the show will be promoted via the so-called ‘Marmite strategy’ – ads that openly accept the fact that some people don’t like the product and expressly exploit their dislike.

In the case of the desperate Dome [now struggling to reach its halved original target of twelve million visitors this year], Saatchi’s Marmite-style ads will concede that critics have heaped scorn on the Dome, countering with the claim that 85% of ‘real people’ enjoyed their visit – then exhort the public to dig deep into its pockets and “go and see for themselves”.

The Millennium Commission has demanded the right to approve the new campaign.

News source: The Observer (UK) [published 11-Jun-00]