Key sponsors of the cash-strapped Millennium Dome are said to be relaxed at the prospect of its early closure – confounding The New Millennium Experience Company (the event’s organiser) which claimed after last week’s £29.6m bail-out that early closure would cost up to £200m – primarily in refunds to sponsors who have invested £160m in the ill-starred event.

One key sponsor told Sunday Business: “The chances of us claiming compensation are non-existent.” Another said it would be “happy” if the Dome closed prematurely in September having maximised attendances in the interim: “The money we spent on sponsoring the Dome has long been written-off and if [it] shuts in September we certainly would not be motivated to claim any compensation.”

Dome sponsors include British Airways, BSkyB, BT, Camelot, Coca-Cola, Ford, Manpower and McDonald’s. It is unknown to what extent their support for the venture was in hard cash or even harder kind.

News source: Sunday Business (UK)