The increasingly hot issue of consumer privacy is to be addressed by America’s Direct Marketing Association, it emerged yesterday at the opening of its annual convention in New Orleans.

The organization and its members will next year contribute toward an estimated $80 million consumer education campaign, developed in partnership with the Privacy Leadership Initiative. The PLI comprises ten marketing and advertising associations alongside nineteen major marketers – prominent among the latter, Procter & Gamble and IBM.

The campaign will be developed by the New York office of Young & Rubicam Advertising, which won the business after fending-off a challenge from the Bcom3 Group.

According to DMA president-ceo H Robert Wientzen, the campaign will focus on the benefits of sharing information online and the control consumers have over this information. The campaign, he believes, will be a "watershed event" for marketers as well as consumers.

“People are very concerned, but they're not exactly sure why they're concerned or what they're concerned about," said Wientzen. "We think there's an anxiety about the unknown as opposed to a fear of the known."

News source: Advertising Age - Daily Deadline