THE INTERNATIONAL Federation of Direct Marketing Associations has adopted a set of global principles to govern online marketing activities aimed at children. They include:

Marketers shall recognise that children are not adults and that not all marketing techniques are appropriate for children. All direct marketing interactions with children - including collection, transfer and requests for personal information - require consent of the child's parent or guardian. Marketing to children shall not exploit children's credulity, lack of experience or sense of loyalty. Marketers shall use age-appropriate language in marketing to children. Offers shall be presented in simple language, easily understood by children. Marketers shall not accept an order from a child without the consent of a parent of guardian. Marketers shall not pressure a child to urge their parents or guardians to purchase a product or service. Comments Alastair Tempest, director general of FEDMA: 'These guidelines are intended to encourage national DMAs to introduce specific rules into their own online marketing codes of conduct.'