THEY’RE AT IT AGAIN! Those anonymous mystery plotters out to rain on Desperate Dan’s parade! Dan Wagner, colourful chief executive of the cash-strapped Dialog Corporation, accused unidentified ‘investors’ of disseminating misleading information about his company via e-mail, thereby causing otherwise inexplicable rises and falls in Dialog’s share price. One such e-mail implied that Dialog was on the verge of a major deal with US cable group @Home - which never materialised, leading at least three Dialog shareholders to complain to the Stock Exchange. Despite this dastardly plot, Dan has managed to pull off a nice little (unquantified) earner with Fujitsu, in which Dialog will license its InfoSort software to the Japanese IT giant. [Those with long memories will recall Dan railing against similarly anonymous villains in ‘Liechtenstein, Jersey and Monte Carlo’ who, back in 1997, allegedly indulged in ‘disgraceful and immoral’ short-selling of Dialog - then Maid - shares, causing the price to plummet.]