A taskforce set up by Omnicom-owned DDB Worldwide has been mulling a range of network branding options for the past four months. The mountain having laboured has brought forth not a mouse ... but a proposal to excise all extraneous initials.

It seems that DDB, which has retained its reputation as a creative hotshop despite acquisition by Omnicom in 1986 and going global with 206 offices in 96 countries, now has an identity problem

This can be solved, believes the taskforce, by having a single unified DDB brand across the globe. This would require removal without anaesthetic of the prefix initials enshrining the memory of the founding fathers of each agency absorbed into the DDB network over the years.

One such shop is BMP DDDB in the UK - the prefix commemorating the agency’s progenitors Martin Boase, Gabe Massimi and Stanley Pollitt. The trio has long since moved on, egos unlikely to be traumatized by the excision of their initials from above DDB’s portal. Most other European agencies have also agreed to drop their prefixes by the year end.

A DDB spokeswoman confirmed a recommendation to this effect had been made to senior management and was “under consideration”, although “no formal edict” has been issued.

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff