DDB Worldwide, the Omnicom-owned global network, has entered an alliance with Japan’s fourth largest shop Tokyu Agency. The liaison does not involve an exchange of equity, although DDB Japan will rebrand as DDB Tokyu Agency Creative effective Q1 2003.

The new relationship will consolidate DDB’s toehold in the notoriously protective Japanese ad market, the world’s second largest after the USA. Tokyu in turn will benefit from DDB’s global reach and creative knowhow.

Says Tokyo-based Douglas Faudet, president/ceo of DDB Japan: “This gives us a huge data resource.” Which facility sits alongside equally massive media-buying and promotional capabilities. But above all, the association will open doors normally closed in Japan to occidentals.

Enthuses Faudet: “The alliance gives us new insights into Japan, access to Japanese clients and the ability to bring Japanese clients into the rest of the world. This deal is part of our plans to have a major stake in this country. DDB is now a huge presence in today's Japanese ad market because of this alliance. Yesterday, we weren't.”

As of January 1, Faudet will become president of DDB Tokyu Agency Creative, jointly managing the shop with an executive chairman representing Tokyu’s interests.

DDB Japan believes the move will benefit its existing Western clients, among them Volkswagen, EonMobil, Johnson & Johnson, Braxton (formerly Deloitte Consulting) and Philips.

Data sourced from: AdAgeGlobal.com; additional content by WARC staff