E-businesses have been urged to co-operate with their peers in developing higher standards of internet security to protect consumer data.

The call, by the Data Protection Commissioner, comes in the wake of high profile online security lapses – not least that of Barclays Online, which last week was compelled to suspend its service after details of some customer accounts were publicly displayed.

Conscious that it lacks legal powers in the matter of online security, the watchdog is anxious to place the onus of compliance squarely on the industry’s own plate. Says assistant data protection commissioner Phil Jones: "We are encouraging all companies involved in e-commerce to put this issue at the top of their agenda and to address these problems head on."

Jones believes it more appropriate that the online sector puts its own house in order, using its expertise and resources: “For us to set ourselves up as a repository of leading-edge technology would be silly. We would rather encourage industry-led initiatives to look at what security mechanisms can be used,” he said

News source: Precision Marketing (UK)