Česká Televize, the Czech Republic's public broadcasting channel, has been ordered by the nation's parliament to cease running ads from 2008 onward.

The move comes after parliament approved an amendment to existing legislation that bans commercials. And although the move is unsurprisingly popular with the channel's two commercial rivals, Nova and Prima, Czech media agencies association ACRA is distinctly cool.

ACRA argues that a ban will drive up advertising prices in a market where demand already exceeds supply - a view shared by culture minister Pavel Dostál who fears the move will stifle competition in the nation's TV market by delivering CT's €33 million ($40m; £22m) annual ad revenues into the hands of a duopoly.

But in the opposite camp, parliamentary deputy Ladislav Skopal, who is against advertising on public TV, believes the inflow of cash arising from the ban will help Nova and Prima to move into digital broadcasting.

Meantime, advertisers and agencies can take comfort from an exception to the new rules that will permit CT to run commercials during major international sporting or cultural events.

Data sourced from mandmeurope.com; additional content by WARC staff