Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark has spoken out against US media consolidation.

Addressing a New Hampshire audience ahead of the presidential primary on January 27, the retired general criticised big media and called for the reinstatement of laws protecting the independence of local outlets.

"I don't think it is in the American public interest to further consolidate the media," Clark declared. "[Consolidation] is damaging to putting out diverse opinions and fostering public dialogue … We need to distribute the ownership in media. We need to have the fairness in broadcasting rules put back in place."

The Republican-dominated Federal Communications Commission has been trying to push through wide-ranging reforms to media ownership law since the summer [WAMN: 03-Jun-03], despite cross-party opposition in Congress. Critics claim the new rules unduly favour big media.

Clark also hit out at the "violence and violent images" in the media and in video games. He believes the latter are now even more graphic than training simulations used by the military.

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