The Future of Planning, an Admap round-table featuring six industry "sages", was the most popular Warc article for creative agencies in 2010.

The discussion, which involved well-known figures such as Naked Communications' founding partner Will Collin, DDB's head of UK planning Sarah Watson and Eating The Big Fish author Adam Morgan, posted 25% more downloads than any other paper among this audience.

"Planning may, in future, be more important than ever: the need for greater clarity and direction in a more complex environment, the new knowledge now available about human behaviour, the need for effectiveness in marketing communications," the article concludes.

"But many agencies are still struggling to emerge from a legacy of business models and cultures that no longer work, with little clear sense of what will replace them."

Overall, there were four Admap pieces in the top ten, with Semiotics can make brands magical, discussing the art of using an "inside-out" approach to make communications more effective, claiming second.

Creating the Agency Brief, a Warc Best Practice paper, was third, with Social media trends around the world (ESOMAR) fourth and 10 trends in digital marketing (Admap) fifth.

Let's Grow, a campaign for UK supermarket chain Morrisons, and the Grand Prix winner at the 2009 IPA Effectiveness Awards, was sixth, and the top-ranked case study.

Data sourced from Warc