An article discussing "Experience Architecture" and the future of planning was the most read piece among Warc's creative agency subscribers in 2012.

Nick Hirst won the first Admap Prize with a submission arguing there is a need to transcend the polar disciplines of "conceptual", or creative agency, and "practical", or media agency, planning. (For more details about the most popular material featured on Warc in 2012, click here.)

He suggested the future would be based around great brand experiences rather than simple communications, and driven by a new breed of "experience" planner who will take their cues from user experience architects.

The most widely-read of several trend pieces in the top five was Warc Trends: 2012 Toolkit, a guide to new ideas and best practice in marketing from around the world, based on analysis of key papers and case studies. The follow-up will be available in early 2013.

Twelve Media Trends for 2012 ranked third, and highlighted ongoing developments around mobile and digital ecosystems, alongside the potential for guerrilla marketing in a sports-heavy year.

Some of the same ideas reappeared in Ten Trends in Generation Y, which also asserted that teens and young adults have embraced wireless technology; however, they're simultaneously looking backwards to a simpler world as they leave university to face a tough job market.

The consequences of difficult economic times were similarly a feature of Ten Trends in Global Brands, with uncertainty forecast to redefine the marketplace from the bottom up. The number of iconic brands was also predicted to decline as, in the future, there will be too many products chasing prospective customers.

Data sourced from Warc