The world’s third largest market research group, London-headquartered Taylor Nelson Sofres, announced Thursday it is to meld with immediate effect its disparate global operations within a single brand – the initials by which it is already widely known, TNS.

The move is intended to unite a range of different identities across fifty-three nations worldwide, at the same time reflecting changes in the global market research industry and the way that businesses use market information.

Says TNS ceo Mike Kirkham: “Leading multinationals increasingly need truly global market insight in order to make informed business decisions. Our network is now extensive and we are repositioning and rebranding to capitalise on our investment.”

“But this is more than just a logo and name change,” continued Kirkham. “It is no longer sufficient to provide clients with data and statistics alone, we are increasingly acting as market information advisors using the in-depth research and market knowledge that we have to provide informed insight and strategic business advice.”

The new brand has been developed by global brand consultancy Wolff Olins and is based on the proposition of being ‘the sixth sense of business’ – a strapline that forms a trademark-protected element of the branding alongside the new logo.

Data sourced from: TNS; additional content by WARC staff