MEXICO CITY: Corona, the beer brand, is seeking to foster a sense of unity by leveraging the slogan "Let's Make America Great Again" as a springboard for a broad, inclusive message that extends well beyond the United States.

An ad recently released by the brand begins by showing the phrase "Let's Make America Great Again" on screen, backed by the distant chant of "Build a wall" – two expressions inextricably tied with President Donald Trump's electoral campaign.

After asking "Great again?", the commercial shifts into Spanish to make an unambiguous appeal: "Stop using our name to generate divisions. That's not what we are," the Washington Post reported.

Building on this theme, the message from Corona – which is distributed by ABInBev's Grupo Modelo everywhere outside the US – emphasises that "America" is not simply the United States, but a vast region encompassing diverse countries.

"We are the continent that touches both poles. We are the navel of the world – and also its lungs," the ad asserts. "We have hands that endure effort and feet that make soccer the most beautiful dance. We are a roaring continent."

Alongside the message that "We are all Americans", the visual content in the commercial mixes beaches, cities, icy plains and rivers in countries like Brazil, Mexico and Peru.

Music, food, heritage and history are also highlighted to demonstrate the rich contemporary character and traditions of Latin America.

"We are passion, we are all, we are 35 states united today, under one coat of arms," Corona's ad states. "Because we are all Americans. That's why America has always been great."

This effort forms part of Corona's on-going "Desfronteriza" – a term broadly translating as "unborder yourself" – marketing initiative.

An earlier content play from this campaign, launched before the November 2016 election in the US, was entitled "The Wall", and urged young Mexicans to fight for their dreams.

"Everyone is familiar with the iconic Corona campaigns, but this time we want to pass a clear message to all Mexicans, to break their mental frontiers and keep progressing," was how the brand explained its campaign, according to Business Insider.

"We hope the message we're sharing resonates not only with generations of Mexicans but with people around the world."

Tecate, a competing beer brand from Mexico, similarly released an ad in September 2016 that spread a message of building bonds between the US and Mexico using a "wall of beer" that people from both countries could enjoy together.

Data sourced from Washington Post/Business Insider; additional content by Warc staff