PARIS: Brands and retailers must provide detailed online product information if they wish to increase consumer purchase rates in Europe, a report has suggested.

Stibo Systems, the software company, polled 2,000 adults across the region, and found 47% agreed product specifications hosted by ecommerce platforms is the key driver of transactions.

Moreover, another 30% said the most effective way to improve online retail sites was enhancing this kind of content.

Customised promotional campaigns recorded 17% on the same measure, compared with 14% for stronger search capabilities. Sending messages to indicate when items are back in stock scored 12%.

More specifically, 45% of respondents earning at least €100k per year thought the provision of useful details about goods and services was the best means of augmenting ecommerce hubs.

Similarly, 37% of contributors who were 55 years old or above assumed this position, declining to 25% among 16-34 year olds.

For the mobile channel, the analysis revealed food and entertainment products were the most likely to be ordered using smartphone applications.

But over 37% of people owning a device like the iPhone or Android devices said that the poor quality of information in apps, and elsewhere, put them off such activities.

Aurélien Schuster, a consultant at, Stibo Systems, said: "Whatever the channel, consumers want access to detailed and consistent information when searching and purchasing products."

Data sourced from Stibo Systems; additional content by Warc staff