PHOENIX, AZ: US consumers welcome new digital ad formats which are more informative and give them more control, new research has shown.

For its report Rising Stars Ads and Brand Equity, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) invited 1,515 online respondents to look at custom-built websites displaying a mix of legacy display ads and IAB Rising Stars ads – brand-friendly ad units that aim to spur greater creativity in interactive advertising.

The IAB found that Rising Stars outperformed traditional display ads across key brand effectiveness metrics.

Consumers were likely to see them as giving more personality to a brand (65%) and as being more engaging (64%). Six in ten also said they were more informative and that they gave consumers more control.

And with consumers being well disposed towards them the Rising Stars ads were able to generate three times the recall of traditional display ads.

In addition, brand lift was demonstrated to be 30% stronger on the basis of just one full exposure, rising to 42% when consumers interacted with a Rising Stars ad.

"We knew that better creative canvasses have visual and emotional appeal, and garner interaction," said Sherrill Mane, svp/Research, Analytics and Measurement, IAB.

"The big challenge has been to demonstrate that aesthetic breakthroughs contribute to brand equity and our rigorous and comprehensive study substantiates that."

Interestingly, the Rising Stars ads were considered by consumers to be less annoying than traditional ads despite their larger size, a fact which no doubt also contributed to consumers being less likely to avoid looking at them.

Size may also have been a factor in their ability to attract gaze at a 63% higher rate than traditional ads and to then hold that gaze five times longer.

But size doesn't account for the significantly higher interaction rates: 34% compared to 11% for legacy UAP (universal ad package) ads.

"Consumers pay more attention, see more value in the brand advertised, and genuinely enjoy Rising Stars ads better than legacy UAP units – giving marketers a new level of brand building capabilities online," said Peter Minnium, Head of Brand Initiatives, IAB.

Data sourced from IAB: additional content by Warc staff