Warc subscribers in Asia shared similar interests as their international colleagues this year, checking popular articles on effective trends in social media and innovation, though a paper on Chinese trends also made a strong showing.

While four of the five most-read 2013 Warc papers in Asia had a global focus, an in-depth examination of ten consumer trends in China was the third most popular article of the year. Researchers from Shanghai-based MEC China, the media agency, argued that safety will be a high priority for Chinese consumers following repeated food safety scares and also that the growth of social media will encourage a trend towards people wanting to learn more about other cultures.

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As with other regions, the Seriously Social Warc Trends Report was accessed more than any other article in Asia and it covered some key issues facing social media marketers, such as channel selection, duration and campaign budgets.

The Warc Trends Toolkit 2013 was the second-most read article and it outlined the top ten challenges facing the marketing industry, including advice on how to make the best use of social media to drive business results and also how to turn 'big data' into actionable insights.

Coming in fourth was a paper which assessed the role of neuroscience in marketing, the methodology and effectiveness of its techniques as well as some real-life examples.

Finally, examples of brands which have found innovative solutions to communications were explored in Warc's Innovation Casebook, another trends report, which sought to put the thinking behind some of the world's most cutting-edge campaigns into context.

Data sourced from Warc