BERLIN: Online consumer reviews are playing an increasingly important role in shaping ecommerce habits in Germany, new figures show.

TNS-Infratest, the research group, and Initiative, the media agency, polled 1,067 internet users and found 96% had made at least one acquisition via the web.

Among this audience, 80% stated that positive user reviews of online retail sites helped determine where they made purchases, while 71% agreed it was beneficial if the platform was based in Germany.

Elsewhere, 67% liked vendors that did not require pre-payment and 66% favoured properties with an official seal of approval. Only 26% of the panel, however, preferred the websites of bricks and mortar chains.

Some 43% of the shoppers that had previously completed transactions online concurred that their experiences thus far had always been positive.

A further 25% had seen a delay in the delivery of their order. Additional widespread problems included being sent faulty items, mentioned by 15% of interviewees, while 14% of buyers had not received their goods at all.

More broadly, 84% of the sample held a high level of trust in German ecommerce sites, a rating standing at just 25% for platforms in other member states of the European Union, and 8% for services in other regions.

Data sourced from TNS-Infratest; additional content by Warc staff