BERLIN: Consumer electronics sales remain resilient in Europe, with web-enabled and LCD TVs among the products driving this process.

According to GfK, the research firm, the sector posted 4.6% growth during the first half of 2010, boosted by the launch of innovative gadgets in various segments.

Western European nations delivered a 4.9% expansion year-on-year, primarily thanks to Germany and the Scandinavian markets, while Eastern Europe rose by 2.6%.

TVs - responsible for some 73% of category expenditure - were particularly strong, with LCD screen sales set to reach 59m in 2010, and plasma screens adding 10m units to this total.

Approximately 15% of LCD TVs bought by shoppers in June 2010 could connect directly to the internet.

Flatscreen televisions boasting LED backlighting contributed 22% of purchases in H1, falling to 15% for appliances that housed an integrated hard disk recorder.

Consumers currently spend an average of 540 on LCD TVs, which is "slightly more" than a year ago, GfK said.

"3D technology is expected to have a positive impact in the future," the company continued.

Demand for DVD players declined between January and June, as did interest in camcorders, portable music players, storage devices and in-car electronics.

Data sourced from GfK; additional content by Warc staff