A plan of action for Britain’s ailing postal operator Consignia will be unveiled in the next three weeks, according to chairman Alan Leighton.

Commenting on a recent survey of Consignia managers by trade union Amicus - which warned of “meltdown” for the postal service if the market is opened to competition too quickly [WAMN: 25-Feb-02] - Leighton promised “radical solutions”.

“We have a combination of things to do here. One is we have a business to run, and the second thing is we have a public service to offer,” he declared. “I think we have been too much inwardly focused, there has been too much infighting, and we have to get on and look at really focusing on our customers and competition.”

The news comes as Birmingham-based mail group Business Post revealed it is talking to potential partners about setting up its own post boxes in shops, garages and even post offices to compete with Consignia’s flagship Royal Mail service.

Data sourced from: BBC Online Business News (UK); The Times (London); additional content by WARC staff