LONDON: The Conservative Party, the UK's main opposition group, will not privatise state-owned but commercially funded broadcaster Channel 4 should it win the next general election.

Speaking at an event held at the London School of Economics, the shadow culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, stated that his party was in favour of continued public service broadcasting.

Said he: "Channel 4's ownership structure is what allows it to make a significant contribution, and I think if it was privatised it would become another commercial player."

As previously reported, Channel 4 is facing a possible funding shortfall of some £100 million ($165m; €126m) a year, and the UK's Labour government is currently conducting a review into the channel's future funding options.

During the 1980s, when led by Margaret Thatcher, the Conservatives were [in]famous for privatising the UK utilities industry and a number of other previously publicly-owned services.

Rumours of a leopard seen changing its spots have yet to be substantiated by reliable witnesses.

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