CHICAGO: Appropriately sited in the 'Windy City', the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on Monday received legal documents filed by lawyers acting for disgraced former media tycoon Lord Conrad Black.

His Lordship, adjudged guilty on three charges of fraud and obstruction of justice on the unpropitious date of Friday July 13, awaits sentencing on November 30.

Unenthused at the prospect of serving up to thirty-five years as a guest of the federal government, Black now seeks a new trial.

His legal battalions have submitted a series of post-trial motions to trial Judge Amy St Eve seeking remedies "in the interest of justice".

They allege the judge made errors in her instructions to the jury, and also cite her refusal to allow defence lawyers to further question former business partner and prosecution witness David Radler.

In addtion they object to her willingness to allow the jury to hear about Canadian investigations into Black's dealings.

According to Hugh Totten, a senior Chicago lawyer unconnected with the case, the motions give the judge a "last chance to correct error" in the trial. He views the arguments presented in Monday's court filings as "an excellent preview" of the appeal.

Nonetheless, Totten is not optimistic about His Lordship's chances.

"It is a pretty rare case where a trial judge reverses herself, so I suspect that the chances of Lord Black prevailing at this stage are less than one in ten. He probably has a better shot on appeal."

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff