Readers of the Warc Blog had a clear favourite contributor in 2011, with David Penn, managing director of Conquest, the research firm, providing three of the five most read posts of the year.

Top of the list came Penn's post on Why does Facebook resonate with young people more than Twitter? (For more details about the most popular material featured on Warc in 2011, click here.)

The third most popular item was a piece from the same author, Deconstructing the buzz around the Royal Wedding, with his entry Social Infection – making sense of a new marketing epidemic also in the number five slot.

Controversy is usually a route to success for bloggers, and a spiky contribution from Peter Field, Further arguments for a pre-testing revolution, was the second most read post of the year.

The "list" genre of blog posts only featured once in the most popular posts list, however.

Adam Morgan, of the Challenger Project, wrote on Ten types of Challenger brand, which emerged as the sixth most popular post of the year.

Elsewhere, David Tiltman, Warc's International Editor, filed a well-regarded post on the innovative Yeo Valley campaign from BBH, and there were also popular pieces connected to Warc's conferences on online research and social media

Finally, in the number ten slot, was the scientific-sounding Neuromarketing in the brain surgery, suitably filed by DDB's resident scientist.

Data sourced from Warc