Several US lawmakers have blasted network NBC's decision to accept ads for hard liquor in a letter warning of possible federal intervention.

As reported Tuesday [WAMN: 26-Feb-02], Representative Frank Wolf is keen to bring the matter before the House Appropriations Committee panel of which he is head. Wolf sent the letter, which was signed by thirteen congressmen in total.

"We would hate to see your network become the object of a public backlash against network hard-liquor advertising or the reason that Congress steps in to protect the public interest and public airwaves by setting up a federal regulatory system for network advertising," the lawmakers told NBC.

The network intends to run the ads – for beverage giant Diageo – in April, following the broadcast for four months of spots encouraging responsible drinking.

NBC was unfazed by the letter, refusing to drop the commercials. "We are sensitive to the issues surrounding liquor advertising on television," it insisted, adding that it has compiled a 19-point "protocol" governing acceptance of such ads.

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