The world’s second-largest PC maker Compaq Computer today launches a new international campaign set to consume over half of its $350 million ad budget.

Created by True North-owned FCB Worldwide in New York, the push features three new TV spots on US network television, with at least three more on the way, as well as a wave of print ads designed to target business decision-makers. Two TV commercials break on ESPN today, with a launch in Europe scheduled for the week of May 14 and in Asia Pacific soon afterwards.

In the face of a languishing tech market and sluggish PC sales, Compaq is seeking to reinvigorate its fortunes by portraying itself as a specialist in integrating technology with other services to produce visible results – one TV spot demonstrates how Compaq’s expertise could have prevented a batch of lettuces at a warehouse from rotting. The company even includes a new positioning statement in its print ads: ‘innovative products, integrated into solutions and delivered globally’.

News source: Advertising Age - Daily Deadline